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Year 3


Our Teacher is Mr Burton

You can email Mr Burton on

Our Teaching Assistants are Ms Duske

Our School Council Reps are Theo and Pablo.


Our Teachers are Miss Nichol

You can email Miss Nichol on

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rodriguez

Our School Council Reps are Alice and Malachy.


We are extremely lucky in Year 3 to have parts of our curriculum delivered by specialist teachers. Please find below, the days of the week in which your child is accessing areas of the curriculum delivered by specialist teachers:

  3AB 3AN
PE Wednesday Wednesday
Music Tuesday Friday
Spanish Friday Friday



In Year 3, our learning continues to be thematic. Here is an outline of our topics for the year:

AUTUMN 1 Funny Bones

We will discover incredible facts about the human skeleton and compare it to that of other animals – including wolves! 

AUTUMN 2 The Tin Forest

Our classroom will be transformed into a ‘Tin Forest’ so that we can imagine what life was like for the main character in our story. When we find out that the Tin Forest is actually a junk yard, we will promote recycling to help save our planet!

SPRING 1 The Savage Stone Age

We will study the changes in Britain from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age.

SPRING 2 Tent-Tastic Tales

Throughout this topic, we will immerse ourselves in the culture of Central Asia by re-telling tales, creating national dishes and discovering the history of felt!

SUMMER 1 The Vile Victorians

As we study the Victorian Era, we will learn about significant turning points in British history.

SUMMER 2 We are Explorers

We will find out who the first explorers to discover the Americas were and imagine what it would have been like to be part of such a voyage!


Daily reading continues to be of paramount importance for your child’s development. Your child has a password to access Oxford Reading Buddy. On this platform, they have been assigned to a level that matches what they are reading at school. Please encourage your child to use Oxford Reading Buddy as often as possible to support the development of their reading and comprehension skills. In addition to completing their reading books, please prioritise reading for pleasure at home – reading to your child is just as beneficial. Each week, we share our ‘Recommended Reads,’ so do encourage your child to be ready to talk about a book or author that they are enjoying.

Further home learning is set on a Friday and is due to be handed in by the following Thursday please. A Literacy activity will be set in their homework books or via Purple Mash and a mathematics ‘homework’ will be allocated to them on their Mathletics account. Home learning is intended to consolidate what the children have been learning in their lessons. The children can also work on their recall and fluency by playing on Live Mathletics. We ask that they try their best to earn 1000 points on Mathletics every week please. 

If your child would like to do extra home learning, then there are lots of educational games available on both Mathletics and Purple Mash as well as additional reading books on Oxford Reading Buddy. 


In Year 3, our children collect Gold Coins. These are given out when they: 

  • Show they are ready to learn 
  • Participate in class discussions 
  • Complete work to a high standard 
  • Take care in presentation 
  • Are a good friend and look out for others 
  • Are a good role model to their peers.

The children aim to collect 50 Gold Coins over the course of the week. If they are successful, they can partake in ‘Golden Time’ on a Friday afternoon. During Golden Time the children are able to direct their own learning.