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Ages 11 to 16


September will be the start of an amazing journey of discovery as our young people travel from childhood to adulthood. Our students will learn new facts, ideas and concepts, they will be able to explain why things are the way they are and to explore other people’s lives and experiences and learn from them. They will further develop their intellectual, physical and creative skills, they will be challenged to think and reason for themselves, to work hard, and they will be recognised and praised for the degree of effort they invest in their learning.

Most importantly and unlike most other schools, they will do all this within the context of a supportive and spiritual Christian community. Prayer and positive relationships are at the heart of all we do. As they learn about the world, our young people can also learn more about themselves, each other and God. Their journey will be one of self-discovery, whereby they will continue to appreciate their growing talents, qualities and attributes and be challenged to improve aspects that might require attention!

St Peter’s is a learning community for all its members – staff and students alike. We learn best when we learn together and by doing so we become a community where we love to learn and learn to love.

Enjoy the journey! May God bless us on our travels,

Ben Doyle, Headteacher

Please join us for our Secondary Open Evening on Thursday 19th September  2024 from 5pm to 8.30pm. Attend one of our Welcome Talks at 5.30pm and/or 6.45pm, meet our subject specialists and enjoy a tour of the school to view our outstanding facilities. We look forward to seeing you. 

I have found it so easy to settle into Year 7 and I have enjoyed every moment; I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already! From the second you walk into St Peter’s you have joined an amazing family. You will have a fabulous, friendly tutor who will support you and help you through the ups and downs of life in your new secondary school. It is important you have strong relationships with all your teachers and tutor, because they are with you throughout your life here at St Peter’s. You will also make new friends and I am sure you will feel settled in no time at all. You will soon get to find your way around and feel at home here.

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    • I learnt more at St Peter's than before it or after it. You couldn't be anywhere better. I am a successful Catholic London solicitor and St Peter's had more of an influence on me than anything else in my life

      St Peter's student 1989-1996 (Solicitor)

    • Being involved in the theatre and dramatic arts gave me confidence and a belief that I could achieve anything

      St Peter's student 1996-1998 (Associate Solicitor)

    • Make the most of all the opportunities provided by St Peter's and strive to be the best you can be in everything

      St Peter's student 1984-1986 (Musician)

    • St Peter's encouraged me to be a creative individual allowing me to follow my ideas and form a career in the performing arts.

      St Peter's student 1998-2003

    • Although times and teaching methods have changed since my time at St Peters, care for each student as a special person, seems to never have changed. Enjoy and value the experience, you are part of a strong caring ethos and educational excellence

      St Peter's student (Theatre Director of Shakespeare, Sondheim and Kander and Ebb)

    • Have courage and curiosity – you will make mistakes but do it in the spirit of improving yourself and the world around you and no one will begrudge it

      St Peter's student 1986-1993(Management Consultant)

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