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A range of extra-curricular activities are available to all students. Some clubs run before school, lunch or after school, with the majority being free of charge. The following clubs held at St Peter’s include textiles, language, chess, science, homework, rock challenge, plus a large variety of sports clubs and music lessons. There is also an opportunity to be part of our annual school production, whether you’d prefer to help backstage or you like to perform.


Chaplaincy run a weekly timetable of lunchtime opportunities for students

Monday Year 7 Prayer Group – this term we are exploring different forms of prayer
Tuesday Youth Alpha. Run in conjunction with PACE (Program For Applied Christian Education)
Wednesday Lasallian Leaders
Thursday Prayer Group Year 8 and above. Student led prayer.
Friday Lunchtime Mass 1.00-1.25pm

The Rainbows program runs on a Wednesday after school from January till May 2022


The Music Department employs a number of specialist peripatetic teachers to provide instrumental tuition on the instruments listed below. Students will need to provide their own instruments. Music is Life in Boscombe will arrange a Hire Scheme to allow you to ‘try before you buy’. You can also use Academy Wind Instruments at & SoundStorm which is run by Bournemouth council; contact Parents should note that it is their responsibility to insure any musical instrument brought into school. The school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to a student’s instrument.

  •  Flute
  • Tuned Percussion
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Trombone
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Singing lessons also available
  • Clarinet
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Tuba
  • Cello
  • French Horn
  • Double Bass
  • Base Guitar

Lessons will not commence until the school is in receipt of payment. We hope to accommodate all children requesting lessons, but this cannot be guaranteed so please do NOT purchase any instruments until your child has received confirmation that lessons can be provided. 

Lessons are organised during the school day, and are taught by specialist visiting teachers. The school has a policy to allow children to be excused from normal lessons to attend their music lessons provided that they keep up to date with all their work. Lessons will be rotated as much as possible on a weekly basis. 

Students should check their instrument timetable by the Music Room on the morning of their lesson, noting the time in their student planner. It is the student’s responsibility to keep a regular check on their lesson time and to maintain regular attendance. Students should let their instrumental teacher know, in advance, if unable to attend due to a trip etc. It would be helpful if parents could make specific mention of an instrumental lesson if telephoning in to report sickness.

Instrumental teachers will monitor and record each child’s progress, effort and attendance. A copy of this report will be sent home via the student at the start of each term. The Music Department will keep a regular check on lesson attendance, and if necessary will inform parents by telephone or email of any prolonged absence at instrumental lessons.

For more information, payment details or to apply please see the Application for Instrumental Music Lessons form. Should you wish to discuss your child’s instrumental lessons, please contact the Coordinator for Instrumental Studies at the school.


Students are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular activities the Music Department has to offer. Not only is this an opportunity for them to make new friends, it will greatly enhance their level of musicianship, reinforcing the work done with their teachers. A strong commitment to the group is required as pieces are prepared for public performances. Any student is welcome to join the school choir or the Concert Band. Practice rooms are available to students during lunchtimes, allocated on a first come, first served basis.

  Lunchtime 1.40-2.10pm After school


  • Worship Band: Mrs Moskova (T12)
  • GCSE Revision: Miss Phillips (T14)
  • Show Soloist Rehearsals: Mrs Moskova (T12) For timings please see Show Schedule
  • Music Production: Mr Allan (T14)
  • Practice Room Availability Please see a member of the music department to book
  • Choir: Mrs Dawson (T12)
  • Year 7 Choir: Mrs Byles (T12) 3.30-4.15pm
  • GCSE Coursework Catch-upMiss Phillips by appointment from January onwards (T14) 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Music Theory Drop-In Clinic: Miss Phillips (T14)
  • Practice Room Availability Please see a member of the music department to book
  • Instrumental Flexi-Ensemble: Miss Phillips (T12) 3.30-4.30pm
  • Drum Corp: Mr Baker (T12)
  • Show Ensemble Rehearsals: Mrs Moskova (Theatre) For timings please see Show Schedule
  • Practice Room Availability Please see a member of the music department to book



Extra-Curricular programme Autumn Term 2023

After school (3.30-4.30pm)


  • Year 7-11 Cross Country: Mr Willmore


  • Year 10/11 Boys Football: Mr Spackman, Mr Smith
  • Year 7 Boys Rugby: Mr Lucas (September-October)
  • Year 7/8 Badminton: Mr Atkins (Sports Hall)
  • Year 7/8 Girls Football: Mrs Stone
  • Year 9-11 Netball: Mrs Shipway


  • Year 8 Boys Football: Mr Trickey
  • Sixth Form Football: Mr Smith, Mr Atkins
  • Year 10-13 Basketball Mr Wilder (MUGA)
  • Year 7/8 Basketball Mr Lucas, Mr Willmore (Sports Hall)
  • Year 9-11 Girls Football: Ms Tyson


  • Year 7/8 Netball: Mrs Merrick, Mrs Berry
  • Year 7 Boys Football: Mr Trickey
  • Year 9 Boys Football: Mr Greaves
  • Year 8/9 Boys Rugby: Mr Lucas (September-October)



Key Information

  • Clubs will start at 3.30 and finish at 4.30pm
  • ALL Football clubs require students to wear shin pads
  • Gum shields are recommended for rugby clubs
  • Ensure you register with your teacher

All students are positively encouraged to make good use of the wide range of physical activities and competitive teams available before school, at lunchtimes and after school, specially developed to cater for students of all abilities.

The school teams have a fine record of successes nationally, within the county and in Bournemouth Schools’ competitions and many individuals have gone on to represent their town, their county and their country. Boys and girls are encouraged to attend clubs if they have a keen interest in a particular activity and will be helped to set and reach targets in order to improve their performance. Participation, progress and enjoyment is the purpose of the extra-curricular programme and not the selection and preparation of school teams.

A full range of physical activities is also catered for in our popular Inter-house sports competition which runs throughout the year culminating in a summer sports day in July.

All of the clubs at St Peter’s School are staffed by either professional coaches or the PE Department. Some of these clubs will run for free and some clubs require a pre-payment usually for a six week block. A full programme of activities and timings will be available to students and parents during the first week of term. Regular attendees are rewarded and students strive for the annual Sports Person of the Year Award given for commitment, attitude and ability.

A variety of different clubs take place throughout the year






Table Tennis







In addition to the clubs offered, trips and visits to sporting events and tournaments are available where we can watch the professionals in action. 

The school also enters competitions against other schools and actively helps to develop those performers who are gifted and talented.

The school Watersports Trip at the end of Year 8 is an exciting and memorable residential experience to France that occurs in the Summer Holidays.

Kit and Equipment

All equipment for sport is supplied by the School, although students are more than welcome to bring their own. The school cannot, however, accept responsibility for equipment brought in. 

High standards of dress are expected in lessons, at club sessions and school matches. Football, Basketball, Athletics and Cross Country teams are all provided with shirts or vests. Rugby teams are also expected to wear school rugby socks and boys to wear their own Rugby jerseys for matches.


While all reasonable care is taken to ensure safe practice, students should be aware of the following safety considerations:

  • All students playing Football and Rugby should wear studded boots and care should be taken to ensure that studs are NGB legal and in good condition.
  • All students playing Football should wear shin guards.
  • All students playing Rugby are encouraged to wear a gum shield.

We look forward to meeting many parents on the touchline.