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Year 5



Our Teacher is Mrs Malone

You can email Mrs Malone on

Our Teaching Assistants are Mr Motte* and Mrs Mason (*Miss Rogers on Tuesdays)

Our School Council Reps are


Our Teacher is Miss Allen

You can email Miss Allen on

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Sargent and Mrs Oakley

Our School Council Reps are


In Year 5, our learning continues to be thematic. Currently we are really enjoying our ‘Invaders and Settlers’ topic. Here is an outline of our topics for the year:

AUTUMN 1 Awesome Egyptians

In this topic, we explore the legacy of one of the world’s oldest, longest and most distinctive civilisations – Ancient Egypt.

AUTUMN 2 An Expedition to Antarctica

A study of the challenges faced by the polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, and his crew of 26 men as they embark on their Trans-Antarctic voyage.

SPRING 1 Invaders and Settlers

For centuries, Britain experienced relentless invasions. In this topic, we explore how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings battled for dominance by invading and settling on British soil.

SPRING 2 The Gold rush

In 1849, thousands of people flocked to California in search of gold. The long journey many embarked upon is documented through our class story, ‘The Matchbox Diary.’

SUMMER 1 The Space Race

An in-depth study of our Solar System and the competitive Space Race which ensued between the Soviet Union and the USA.

SUMMER 2 Forces in Motion

An exploration of London from a scientific perspective, focusing particularly on the London Eye through our exciting and intriguing class text, ‘The London Eye Mystery.’ 



We are extremely lucky in Year 5 to have parts of our curriculum delivered by specialist teachers. Please find below, the days of the week in which your child is accessing areas of the curriculum delivered by specialist teachers:

  5AM 5RA
PE with Mr Lane Friday Wednesday
Music with Mrs Byles Tuesday Monday
Recorder/Ukulele Lessons with Mrs Byles  Monday Tuesday
Spanish with Mrs Coulson Wednesday Wednesday
DT with Miss France Wednesday Wednesday



Daily reading continues to be of paramount importance for your child’s development. Your child has a password to access Oxford Reading Buddy. On this platform, they have been assigned to a level that they should be able to read with fluency and confidence. After reading each book, your child should complete the comprehension task to check that they have understood what they have read. Please encourage your child to use Oxford Reading Buddy as often as possible to support the development of their reading and comprehension skills. In addition to completing their reading books, please prioritise reading for pleasure at home. Each week, we share our ‘Recommended Reads,’ so do encourage your child to be ready to talk about a book or author that they are enjoying.

Further home learning is set on a Friday and is due to be handed in the following Thursday please. A Literacy activity will be set in your child’s homework book or via Purple Mash and a mathematics ‘homework’ will be allocated to them on their Mathletics account. Home learning is intended to consolidate what the children have been learning in their lessons. The children can also work on their recall and fluency by playing on Live Mathletics. We ask that they try their best to earn 1000 points on Mathletics every week please. 

In addition to the homework set each week, your child should also be accessing TT Rockstars daily. Times Table recall is an important skill which underpins many areas of the maths curriculum. When your child has learnt a Times Table, TT Rockstars will enable them to practise recalling key facts at speed.





Our children are very busy collecting silver cards which are earned for: 

  • Having a fantastic attitude towards learning 
  • Completing work to a high standard 
  • Demonstrating deep thinking 
  • Looking out for others 
  • Being a good friend 
  • Being a role model for others 

The children are aiming to reach 50 silver cards by the end of each half term. This will gain them a place on our ‘Silver Stars’ day where we will be completing enriching curriculum tasks based around our current theme. If a child has more than 50 cards by the end of a half term, they will be able to use their extra cards to purchase additional rewards.