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Year 1


In Year 1, our learning continues to be thematic. Here is an outline of our topics for the year:

AUTUMN 1 Superheroes

In this topic, we look at our real-life superheroes as well as some of our favourite fictional characters. We enjoy reading the adventures of ‘Traction Man’ and create our own vegetable villains!

AUTUMN 2 Out of Africa

A study of ‘The Leopard’s Drum’ – a traditional African Tale. This is the story of Osebo, a boastful leopard, who is proud of his magnificent drum. We will do some African drumming ourselves and make our own djembe drums. The children will also locate Africa on a map of the world and conduct a weather study, comparing our local weather with the weather in different parts of Africa.

SPRING 1 Frozen Planet

The children will learn about animals living in Antarctica and the conditions there. They will experience ‘A Day in the Life of a Penguin’ and create an information text using the facts they learn. Our focus story is ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’ which features a King seeking the perfect crown for his daughter. The children will design and make a crown for the princess before writing a letter to the king, persuading him to choose their crown.

SPRING 2 Space

In this topic we study the various planets in The Solar System. We write numerous facts about each planet in our fact booklet. We also learn facts about the sun and moon. We write descriptive sentences about our own imaginary planet. We look at Earth through the eyes of Beegu, the protagonist in our focus text, who finds herself a long way from her home planet!

SUMMER 1 Dinosaurs

A study of prehistoric creatures. During this topic we will look at a variety of dinosaurs and understand their features and different diets. The children will be challenged to identify dinosaurs from the footprints they discover. All of our research will cumulate in the children writing their own dinosaur fact files.

SUMMER 2 Magic

In this topic, we learn about the magnificent author Roald Dahl and enjoy reading ‘The Magic Finger. ’ Sparked by the transformation of the Gregg family into ducks, we study the variety of birds found in the UK. We hunt for different species and understand how birds have adapted to their surroundings over time.



Our Year 1 children have PE, Music and Spanish each week. They also have a series of 6 weekly sessions of Forest School.



Daily reading continues to be of paramount importance for your child’s development. In addition to completing their reading books, please prioritise reading for pleasure at home — reading to your child is just as beneficial. Each week, we share our ‘Recommended Reads,’ so do encourage your child to be ready to talk about a book or author that they are enjoying.

In addition to daily reading, the children will be set homework on a Friday and have one week to complete it before further home learning tasks are set. A Literacy activity will be set in their homework books or via Purple Mash and a mathematics ‘homework’ will be allocated to them on their Mathletics account. Home learning is intended to consolidate what the children have been learning in their lessons. The children can also work on their recall and fluency by playing on Live Mathletics. We ask that they try their best to earn 1000 points on Mathletics every week please.

If your child would like to do extra home learning, then there are lots of educational games available on both Mathletics and Purple Mash as well as additional reading books on Oxford Reading Buddy.





In Year 1, the children earn jumps up the rainbow in order to attend Elastic Play.

Jumps up the rainbow are earned when the children are…

  • Ready to learn (e.g. showing good listening skills – listening to teachers and each other)
  • Trying their best and working hard (e.g. persevering when things are tricky, sharing their ideas in lessons, taking care over their presentation, using resources and equipment to help them, working well with others)
  • Kind and caring towards others (e.g. helping someone who is stuck or lonely, caring for someone who is hurt, supporting someone else with their learning).