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Your physical and mental wellbeing are the most important factors to you and us and we take great pride in our support of students. 

We encourage students to work closely with the pastoral support team, who are always available in a variety of forms.

We have a school nurse who works with Sixth Form students, as well as a comprehensive range of external agencies to support us, with supporting you. 

In terms of day to day life in the Sixth Form, we are proactive with our mental health support, and are aware and experienced in dealing with a range of personal challenges. 

As a Catholic school, it is our mission to support every individual in a loving and compassionate way. 

Staying fit and healthy from a physical point of view is essential. We actively encourage you to join one of our sports teams, use the school Gym or make the most out of Wednesday afternoon games. Health is Wealth after all! We also offer Sixth Form opportunities such as bowling, Yoga, Ice Skating and many more.