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The School day

You must be on site at the start of each day for registration during Tutor time. When you  have a study period, you must sign in either in the Sixth Form Centre or in the Library.

TUTOR 8.50
LESSON 1 9.10
LESSON 2 10.10
BREAK 11.10
LESSON 3 11.30
LESSON 4 12.30
LUNCH 1.30
LESSON 5 2.15

Unlike younger students you can leave the school site at break and lunch but you must return punctually for your lessons. Departments use a lock-out policy where you will not be admitted to the lesson if you are late. There are no bells in the Sixth Form centre to remind you of the time. Use your watch or phone, just like you will have to at University or work.

There are no ‘free periods’ on your timetable. Any non-contact time is study time. Relax at break and lunchtimes.

If you leave the site at any time during the day for a medical appointment, please sign out in the Sixth Form Centre, and sign in again on your return.