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In Reception, our learning is thematic. Here is an outline of our topics for the year:

AUTUMN 1 All About Me

After settling into the class and getting to know our teachers and our friends, and our new environment, we learn all about our body and our families and friends.

AUTUMN 1/2 Fantastic Food

We look at a wonderful Power of Reading text called ‘I will not ever never eat a tomato’ by Lauren Childs. We look at trying new foods and explore the different tastes. Trying new food of different textures can be hard for some children, so we use this story to open doors to new food types. We look at healthy and not so healthy foods and think about choices.

AUTUMN 2 Tooth Tales

Our POR text is ‘Tooth Fairy’ by Audrey Wood. We look at how to care for our teeth and think about healthy food choices linked to our last topic.

SPRING 1 Celebrations

In celebrations, we look at how we celebrated Christmas and how people celebrate all over the world. We plan a party for our class teddy.

SPRING 1 Marvellous Monsters

This topic allows great imaginative thinking and seeks to dispel any worries about monsters as they are all in our imagination. Our Power of Reading text is ‘Bedtime for Monsters’ by Ed Vere.

SPRING 2 Terrific Transport

In this topic we look at the different types of transport and how transport has changed over the years. We go on a trip to Beaulieu. We also use our imagination to think of other things the Naughty Bus in our story might have got up to. Our POR text is ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan and Jerry Oke.

SPRING 2 Not a Box

We have a big focus on our feelings and emotions in this topic, thinking about how we feel if we fall out with friends. We also use our imagination to think of all the possibilities for a box. Our Power of Reading text is ‘On Sudden Hill’ by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies.

SUMMER 1 New Life

This is an exciting topic because the duck eggs arrive in school! We watch as they grow and change, hatching into wet little ducklings. We also watch our caterpillars as they transform into butterflies. Our Power of Reading text is ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson

SUMMER 1 A Bug’s Life

In this topic we look at the different bugs or minibeasts we can find all around and think about where they like to hide. Our Power of Reading text, ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivien French teaches us so much. We begin to think about habitats which leads us on to our next story and topic.

SUMMER 2 Homely Habitats — Bog Baby

In this story called, ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis, we think again about the needs of a creature and how they all need to be kept safe in the correct environment. The story is a beautifully written story encouraging children to see the importance of this.

SUMMER 2 The Seaside

We live right next to the seaside and our summer term ends with our local environment. We look at creatures in the sea and are led to the seaside through our Powerful text: ‘Stanley’s Stick’. Again, we are encouraged to use our imaginations to wonder at what a simple stick can become.


Our Reception children have PE, Music and Spanish each week.


Reading is our main form of homework in Reception. When we start our formal teaching of phonics, we send home the phonics sounds leaned and the tricky words for the week. These are all kept in a little pouch, and we ask that you try to do a little phonic work or reading at least 4 times a week. We use Tapestry Journal as our main form of communication about your child’s learning. We will upload pictures and encourage you to do the same to show any practical learning you are doing at home. We love this home-school link.