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Forest School

At St Peter’s Primary we are fortunate enough to run a Forest School programme for all of our Year 1 and Year 2 children. This takes the form of six sessions on our wonderful big field, with our wild Forest School area that includes our 2 willow domes and our “Fire Circle” of tree stools.

Forest School originated in Scandinavia and was brought over here in the 1990s. It continues to grow in popularity as it offers a different way of learning and developing and is also lots of fun for the children participating!

At Forest School there is a focus on the holistic development of the children. This is the developing the whole of the child, rather than concentrating on one aspect of learning. This means that the physical, emotional, and psychological sides are all developed. So, Forest School works on building self-esteem and confidence, discovering the environment, physical development including motor skills, emotional learning, taking appropriate risks, forging relationships, problem-solving and cognitive thinking.

Examples of our activities include making shelters, collecting and using natural materials for craft activities, using tools for craft and woodwork, fire building and lighting and cooking, slack-line balancing (tight-rope walking), playing games exploring the senses and nature-linked games, building animal homes, and observation and identification of wildlife.

The participants have the opportunity to choose from a selection of these various activities. Over the programme they can then learn and develop skills and learn about nature and develop a greater understanding of their natural surroundings. The adults create a welcoming atmosphere and are on hand to provide any support required, as well as imparting knowledge.

The programme has recently gone “in-house” with Forest School trained Primary staff, and we have started incorporating talks from older Primary children who are passionate about different areas of nature.

We look forward to an exciting future of growth of the Forest School programme at St Peter’s!