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Enrichment Opportunities

Analytical & Critical Thinking

In addition to the wide range of courses we offer, your study programme will include our tutor programme and opportunities to develop your analytical and critical thinking, explore philosophy, ethics and current affairs to develop your understanding of the world we live in.

As well as the subjects you choose to study, here at St Peter’s, we recognise the importance of an educational experience that develops each person as a whole. Our Catholic ethos helps our students to develop personally, socially, emotionally and spiritually and helps to build the strong community that we have here, both within the Sixth form and across the school.

Along with our wide range of enrichment activities, student leadership opportunities and charity work, St Peter’s Sixth Form provides opportunities for everyone to develop to their full potential and to become the best they can be.


All students are required to take part in an enrichment activity each week. We offer an exciting range to suit everybody. You will need to include this choice on your application form. 

Our Enrichment provision gives you access to a wide range of experiences and opportunities. From additional qualifications to involvement with school events, you can gain valuable skills and attributes to enhance (i) UCAS applications, (ii) CV’s, and (iii) our references sent to future employers.

All students have an opportunity to exercise leadership, and you can apply to lead in one of the following categories:

Bar Mock

Are you a budding Solicitor, Lawyer or someone with an interest in how the justice system works? An incredible opportunity to be directly involved in criminal law. New York courtrooms are calling you.


Would you like to learn the skills to coach younger students? Following a set framework to unlock inner potential; the coach does not give answers, instead guides their assigned student to develop a deeper thinking. It is not counselling or mentoring, the focus is on the student exploring their own ideas.

Core Maths

Level 3 qualification for students who wish to develop their practical skills, so they may apply these in work, study or everyday life.

Extended Project

This is a dissertation, investigation or artefact created from your own ideas, which attracts UCAS points.


Get involved with our wider school community. A rewarding use of your time, working with our younger students in an area of your expertise.

Music Grades

Develop your musical talents further, with guided support from the Music department.

Re-Sit English and Mathematics GCSE

If you didn’t achieve a GCSE Grade 4, you will have weekly lessons and retake opportunities throughout the year.

School Productions

Be a part of one of our jaw-dropping performances. Roles range from acting and singing, through to backstage lighting and sound crew.  

Sixth Form Games

Although this is not an enrichment option, Sixth Form Games takes place once a week for a majority of Year 12 students and is a great opportunity to exercise, socialise and relax during a busy week.

Sports Leaders

Organising sports events and helping others in their skill development. It is highly recommended that in order to meet the course requirements, you are currently leading/coaching/officiating in a sports club within your local community.

Work Experience

Ongoing in a relevant sector throughout the year.

Young Enterprise

Business and marketing in the real world... plan, produce, market and sell a product. National level competition.

Enrichment activities have allowed me to try something new. I never thought I’d be able to teach primary school children how to play sport, now I am doing it and loving it!

Performing Arts

Our School productions have been described as “Incredible”, “West End Worthy” and “Mind Blowing”. As a Sixth Form student, you have the opportunity to get involved and immersed in the school productions- often taking on lead roles.

Whether you are a singer, dancer, actor or technician working behind the scenes – there is a role for you.

The brilliant thing is that you don’t need any prior experience to become a part of the action. One of the stand-out performances in the 2019 performance came from a Year 13 who had never been on stage before in his life!


Here at St Peter’s we are big believers in the value of both recreational and competitive sport. Every Wednesday we run Sixth Form games for students in the afternoon, where you turn up and get involved in a range of activities. We also provide the opportunity to become a part of one of the more competitive sports teams including Football (a big history of silverware!), Netball and Rugby.

In addition, ‘Sportsclub’ now runs on a Friday at the end of the day, where Sixth Form students can come along and use the sports facilities at their leisure; be it football, tennis, ultimate Frisbee and more.

Student Leadership

We pride ourselves on the leadership opportunities we afford our Year 12 and 13 students. Leadership runs throughout your Sixth Form journey, ranging from mentoring and tutoring younger students, through to the Head Prefect roles on offer.

Some typical leadership roles for students include:

  • Head and Deputy Head Prefects (Formally Head Boy/Girl role)
  • Subject Prefects
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Wellbeing
  • Media
  • Environmental
  • Chaplaincy

Our Enrichment provision gives you access to a wide range of experiences and opportunities. From additional qualifications to involvement with school events, you can gain valuable skills and attributes to enhance your UCAS applications, CV’s, and our references sent to future employers.


We are exceptionally proud of our Tutor programme at St Peter’s. When you join us, you express an interest in a possible post-18 direction, be it Medicine, Art and Design, Teaching, Oxbridge or Unsure of direction. From here, we get you into a tutor group with like-minded students, and an expert tutor in your particular field.  

This is a fantastic opportunity to help guide you through your application process to the relevant ‘next step’ after Sixth Form. It keeps you up to date with relevant developments in your speciality area and if you are someone who is totally unsure about post 18 options, we ensure that you are guided and supported in finding the right thing for you.  

Each week there are also assemblies and guest speakers to help inform your decisions and keep you on track for success!

Having a form tutor, who is a specialist in my pathway after Sixth Form, has really helped me out with University applications. I get to work with them every morning, which sets my day up really well.

Work Experience

As part of your Sixth Form journey, we dedicate a week in late June/early July of Year 12 for you to complete a work experience of your choice.The process involves a launch assembly from the Sixth Form team, followed by YOU taking ownership of gaining a placement in a workplace of your choosing.

Students typically approach companies/work places via email, phone calls or visits in person. We ask that parents sign a form to say they are happy with the nature of the work, and we ensure that forms are checked in good time. Your tutors will support you with writing letters/emails and we have administration support to help with paperwork should this be needed.

All that we ask is that the experience is in an appropriate and thought provoking environment, where you could potentially see yourself working in the future!

Past placements have included working at Bournemouth FC, Bournemouth Hospital, Primary schools,  a company in Germany, an English School in Spain, Accountants, Hospitality and many more exciting industries.