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Dress Code

Our dress code has been designed to allow to you be comfortable, whilst maintaining an appropriate and professional approach to what we wear in our place of work/study.
Business Casual (sometimes referred to as Smart Casual) items include:


  • Smart trousers (Not jeans, jeggings, tracksuits, sportswear)
  • Skirts (appropriate length/cut for the workplace)
  • Dresses (appropriate length/cut for the workplace)
  • Cardigans (can be worn with a plain top underneath)
  • Jumpers (Not sweatshirts/sportswear/hoodies, and can be worn with a plain top underneath)
  • Blazers (can be worn with a plain top underneath)
  • Shirts
  • Blouses
  • Polo Shirts (small 10p sized logo permitted)


  • Formal shoes
  • Casual shoes (In a dark colour) but not sports trainers
  • Boots


  • Headwear should not be worn in the classroom, unless for religious or cultural reasons
  • Footwear must be safe — no high heels or open toes
  • Outerwear (Jackets) should not be worn in lessons
  • In cases of any dispute, the Headteacher’s decision is final.

Effective from September 2021