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Our Approach to the Curriculum


Our Catholic Ethos

St Peter’s is proud of its history and its heart. We are a Catholic School in the Diocese of Portsmouth, founded on the life, teaching and example of Jesus and the 350 year tradition of De La Salle education.

The School is a safe, supportive, academically ambitious and spiritual environment where young people flourish, developing their skills and God-given talents. Inspired by the Gospel, as well as the examples of St John Baptist de La Salle and Brother Lionel, our young people are preparing not only to contribute to society, but to transform it — through their love for others and spirit of service. 

Everyone is recognised as a child of God — what makes them unique is known by staff and celebrated. Because our young people feel understood, valued and loved at school, they thrive and become the very best that they can be.

We want our young people to be:

  • Continually developing their personal relationship with God
  • Guided by Gospel values
  • Engaged, curious and motivated
  • Creative, persistent and resilient
  • Independent, collaborative and caring
  • Reflective, achieving and thriving.


To achieve this, our curriculum must:

  • Be centred on our school Mission Statement:

With Christ as our guide,
Learning together,
Loving God and each other,
Becoming the best we can be

  • Be engaging and have the learner at its heart
  • Promote deep thinking and reasoning skills
  • Provide opportunities for discovery, creativity and collaboration
  • Foster independence and develop confident, resilient learners who celebrate ‘being stuck’
  • Facilitate a close partnership between school and home
  • Ensure rapid progress
  • Prepare our young people for life-long learning.