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You are expected to achieve a minimum of 95% attendance. Obviously, sometimes absence is unavoidable, and it is really important to communicate with us so that we can ensure that your attendance record is accurate. All students are expected in school by 8.50am to attend Tutor time and registration. Full details of our attendance policy can be found here.

Absence Reporting Procedure

  • If you are unwell or have an urgent medical appointment, your parent or guardian must leave a telephone  message on 01202 421141, option 1, option 8, no later than 9am on the day you are absent.
  • If you are likely to be absent for more than 3 days, please inform us when leaving your message.
  • On your return to school a letter from your parent or guardian to your tutor must be provided explaining the reason for your absence. Pass the note to your tutor or directly to the Sixth Form Office.

If you have a planned absence, such as a medical or doctor/dentist appointment, or visiting a university Open Day you must notify, in advance, your form tutor and the Sixth Form Office in writing. Try to ensure that appointments do not coincide with lessons, as your progress is really important. No holidays during term time will be authorised as they will have a serious impact on your learning. Driving lessons are to be scheduled during independent study sessions only, not during a timetabled taught lesson.

It is important that you are aware that your attendance statistics may prevent you from being entered for examinations, or jeopardise your place at St Peter’s Sixth Form. If your teacher is absent they will have set work. You must make sure that a member of subject staff, usually the subject leader has registered you; otherwise your attendance statistics will be affected. You are expected to work in your usual classroom for the period, unless otherwise directed. If your register is not taken, a member of the class should make a list of those students present and pass it to the Sixth Form Office.