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Tobias Ellwood visit

Last week local MP, Tobias Ellwood, visited St Peter's. GCSE Citizenship student, Skye, reflects on the visit...

I recently met Tobias Ellwood MP in my GCSE Citizenship lesson. He spoke to my class about his day-to-day life as an MP, some of the issues the UK is currently facing, and we had the chance to ask him questions of our own.
We asked him "What is one of the biggest problems Bournemouth is currently facing?" and in response, he spoke about the environment and how climate change might be one of the biggest issues Bournemouth (and the world) is facing. Another issue was Brexit. He voiced his very strong opinion about how we shouldn't have left the EU. He also asked the class what their opinion on Brexit was and there was a large majority saying they wouldn't have voted for Brexit. He continued to explain how he thinks the younger generation would love to be closer to Europe and would like to rejoin the EU.
Overall, it was an interesting and amazing experience meeting an MP as we got to find out more about our local area and the whole of the UK.
Skye Carlin-Brown,
Year 10 Citizenship student