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Royal Navy Chefs visit

The Royal Navy chefs joined us last half-term for an incredibly exciting day of cooking. Emmanuel, Nasser and Matt wowed us with tales of their travels.

They told us all about life in the Royal Navy, aboard some of its most prestigious ships. The day was full laughs and amazement, their tales were both thought proving and packed with info on famous guests and famous boats.
Year 9 made risotto and swiss roll. Year 8 delighted in decorating fairy cakes. Year 10 were full of questions for the officers and were particularly intrigued by their secondary jobs, which included being firemen aboard the ship.
They were true action heroes for the day and we hope to welcome them back next year. Mr Downes, (Careers) was also on hand to support and get involved.
We were incredibly proud of our students and all that they achieved! We look forward to much more fun in the future.
Mrs Hartley, Food Technology