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Year 8's visit to Lulworth Cove

Last month, Year 8 Geography students had the day out at Lulworth Cove, learning about erosion, rock formations and the affect humans have on the landscape.

Below are Nicole and Julia's brief accounts of the school trip.

Year 8 went on a school trip to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove to expand their knowledge of erosion and how caves, arches and stacks form. We went on Tuesday 5 April and other groups went on the Wednesday and Thursday. We split into three different groups and my group went with Mr Ridley and Miss Spinks. A highlight of the trip was the path over to Lulworth Cove because many people slipped, it was funny! We each got a booklet and had to complete each task and my friend’s booklet flew away, we were all trying to catch it. Over the whole day I learnt a lot about how people have an influence on the landscape. I enjoyed my day a lot, hopefully we can do this many times more.

Nicole K, Year

We found out that pedestrians really affect the landscape because us, as pedestrians, erode the pathways. There was oil on the rocks from an oil spill (the Torrey Canyon disaster in 1967) and people also leave their litter everywhere. When we were walking down the hill to Lulworth Cove I fell over and I also ripped my coat on barbed wire, but we got to go to the ice cream shop. I bought four ice creams for people, it was really fun and I enjoyed it.

Julia G