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Make A Noise About Bullying

Monday 13-17 November is Anti-Bullying Week 2023. The theme is Make A Noise About Bullying.

If you are experiencing bullying, make a noise –speak up. Here at St Peter's our #SPEAKUP intuitive is there for all students to use. If you are being bullied, don't keep it to yourself. Tell an adult you trust today. You can talk to your teacher, another member of staff or fill out the form on our SpeakUp page. Remember to include your details so that we know how to help you.  Find the form here

Learning to understand and manage conflict is an important part of growing up. Bullying is not simply a 'falling out'. Research shows that experiencing bullying can have a significant impact on a child's life well into adulthood.

The school takes bullying seriously, so when it does happen, pupils feel confident that adults will help to resolve it. Ofsted 2023