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Donations for Ukraine

As the conflict in the Ukraine escalates and the country and Ukrainian lives are devastated, we feel the need to try and offer support. 

We are therefore asking for your participation in the school’s collection of essential items for displaced Ukrainians. If your family would like to contribute, please enable your child to bring in an item from the list below on Monday 14 March. All donations should be taken to the Chapel. Please ensure that items are new /clean.

Baby bottles, new teats & Milton sterilising fluid; First aid supplies; Torches, batteries, power banks, binoculars; Sleeping bags, tents; hygiene essentials; Long shelf-life/instant food; Waterproof jackets; Thermoses/disposable cutlery.

Staff and sixth formers will work to consolidate and box the items received before taking them to the Donations’ Hub at Castlepoint. 

If you wish to provide monetary support, the CAFOD Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal are organising humanitarian relief.