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Tales Told in Tents

Wow! What an amazing start Year 3 have had to their new topic, Tales Told In Tents.

During their first day back, children shared their own stories and tried a variety of different foods from Central Asia. Alongside this they learnt how to make plaited bread and experienced making breadcrumbs out of flour and butter, before going on to knead the dough. It was very tasty!

Later in the week, Year 3 were visited by the fabulous author, Sally Pomme-Clayton. Pomme (as she is affectionately known) is the author of our current power of reading text, Tales Told in Tents. She took the children on a magical journey through Central Asia, bringing her stories to life, with a variety of instruments and sounds. The children’s faces showed how fully immersed in the story they were. At a couple of points, we all jumped as the story took a different turn. Pomme also showed the children a variety of different hats that she has collected during her visits to the different countries of Central Asia as well as a couple of beautifully detailed cloaks. The children had so many interesting questions at the end of the session that it could have gone on for another hour!